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Ms Franziska Schwerdtle (left)
ZVEI – German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association – Manager European Affairs

Here next to Ms Nataliya Boyko, Deputy Minister for European Integration - Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine

Welcome to the official German presentation of the German electrical and electronics industry at elcomUkraine 2017 in Kiev! It is an honor for me to open the German Pavilion today at the biggest electrical engineering trade fair in Ukraine. And what better way is there to open a fair than with good news:

  • Not only did German electro-technology exports to Ukraine rise to 7,5% after three years of declination in 2016
  • Also the overall exhibitor figures are increasing at  elcomUkraine which shows the importance of the fair

Furthermore, it has always been a target of the German Pavilion at elcomUkraine to support the Ukraine energy and industrial sector, which is one of the largest segments in the Ukraine, and to drive the modernization herein by introducing energy efficiency solutions for the daily life.
With this, I warmly invite you to come to our Pavilion to find out more about latest technologies and tailor-made solutions “made in Germany”. The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) wish all exhibitors a successful time here at elcomUkraine 2017.

Ms Kateryna Litvinko
Phoenix Contact - Marketing Manager

Phoenix Contact opened a subsidiary in Ukraine in 2005 because it was such a promising and fast-developing country.
The faster Ukraine moves to the European Union, the more demand in quality as for energy and industrial sector it shows. Especially over the past two years when a lot of Ukrainian companies went towards the European market.
We participate at elcomUkraine, because first of all, it is the best opportunity to feel the market and to understand the situation and climate in the various industrial sectors. And of course, it's the best opportunity to meet the existing customers and find new ones.
Absolutely, we are very satisfied with the visitors. Their professionalism completely meets our expectations. A lot of visitors come with technical questions or look for new solutions.

Mr Anders Engström
Alcad Limited – Area Manager

Alcad has long been recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of standby power thanks to its extensive range of battery types, all designed to deliver power, safety and reliability. Alcad makes the essential task of sizing, ordering and installation easy. Alcad's production sites benefit from over a century of knowledge and experience in nickel-cadmium battery production to supply today’s global advanced technology battery market.

This is the first time that we are active in Ukraine. Our products will enhance the reliability of the backup power for the industry market here.

Our main target here at elcomUkraine 2017 is to make the market aware of our products and to find potential partners and customers.

Yes, I’m very satisfied with the quality of our business contacts.

Mr Loda Li
DEGSON Electronics – Account Manager

Founded in 1990, DEGSON Electronics Co., Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturers of terminal blocks and precise moulds in Asia.

DEGSON produces about 1 billion poles of terminal blocks a year and sells well to USA, Germany, UK, Japan, South Korea, South Africa…… more than 90 countries and regions. It provides good quality products and service to the users of industrial automation, instrument, elevator, electric power, transportation, new energy, lighting, telecommunication, power supply, security, shipbuilding etc.
The Ukrainian market is really important for us. Our main target here at elcomUkraine 2017 is to promote our terminal blocks and to search some information of the market.

Of course, we are very satisfied with the professional visitors and we really had many of them to speak to us on business matters.

Mr Klaus Fahnemann (right)
Lapp GmbH – General Manage
We manufacture and repair load magnets (lifting magnets) and magnetic separators and deliver also the appropriate aluminum strip reels for electric magnets. Our portfolio also includes particularly compact and powerful strip/foil winding machines (Calotron® system), which  found their application in electrical engineering, especially in transformer and inductor construction.
This is the first time we are active here in Ukraine. Our products contribute to the modernization of the Ukrainian market because we have new technologies for this market.

Our main target here at elcomUkraine 2017 is to meet new customers.

Mr Lee Sung Hong
GGM – Sales Manager

Ukraine is a developing market and we are sure there are many users who need our products. We make geared motors and we believe that personality and spirit should be instilled in each operation to make the world’s best geared motor, and we are proud to make the best geared motors using that principle.

Our product is specialized for automation systems (small and high performance). It can be very helpful for manufacturers.

We join elcomUkraine 2017 to find a distributor or a partner.

I’m very satisfied with the visitors and would like to introduce our products more and more.

Mr Gürkan Ayaz
AY-KA Electric - Export Director

We are active in Ukraine since two years now. The Ukrainian market is a big and strong one. Also Turkish products are very popular here and we belive in the potential of this market.

Our products with the high quality can contribute to the Ukrainian energy and industrial sector.

Our main target here at elcomUkraine 2017 is to show presence so that the electricia lmarket knows our brand.

Yes, we are very satisfied with the professional visitors.

Mr Martin März
Managing Director of fairtrade (left)

Ukraine is not only an important buyer of electro-technology. With electro-technology exports at a value of 1.8 billion euro in the year 2015, Ukraine is also an important producer and seller.
What concerns main Ukrainian electro-technology imports, they consist of power engineering technology, cables and wires, automation technology, industrial control systems and lighting technology. And the level and quantity of these imports have been relatively stable also during the past few years, with a peak of 6.5 billion euro in 2012 and a low still amounting to 3.1 billion euro in 2015.
Figures for the year 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 now mark a clear upward trend.