Range of exhibits

Renewable energy sources

  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Other renewable energy sources
  • Hydrogen solutions
  • Biomass
  • Fuel cell
  • Micro hydroelectric power stations
  • Use of steam as an energy source

Conventional energy sources

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Coal
  • Nuclear energy

Energy saving

  • Energy saving technologies
  • Systems for metering energy usage
  • Energy saving systems

Power generation, transformation and storage

  • Power installations
  • Electric drives
  • AC and DC generators
  • Power transformers
  • Accumulators, electric batteries and cells
  • Condensers
  • No-break electric power sources

Transmission and distribution of power

  • High and low voltage distribution equipment
  • Cabling and wiring products
  • Insulation materials
  • High-voltage oil-immersed switches
  • Package transformer sub-stations
  • Disconnector switches for internal and external installations
  • Low-voltage electrical devices and fittings: 
    switches, electricity supply casing, wall sockets, connectors, adaptors, magnetic starters and other electro-technical installation products

Measurement, regulating and control equipment

  • Power semi-conductor devices
  • Controlling and measuring instrumentation and equipment
  • Protective automatic machinery and automation systems
  • Robotics. Secondary control circuit equipment
  • Low-voltage transformers, current and voltage transformers, inverters and converters Analytical instrumentation
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Low-voltage switching devices

Electrical engineering

  • Cable and leads, cable routing systems, distribution and joining material 
  • Electrical installation equipment and systems 
  • Fixed installation electrical equipment 
  • Reception antennae and broadband distribution technology 
  • Network technology 
  • Information and communication equipment 
  • Measuring and testing devices, measuring technology 
  • IT systems for the electrical trade 
  • Operating, storage and erection equipment 
  • Power distribution equipment 
  • Industrial controls 
  • Miscellaneous electrical engineering equipment and components 
  • Safety systems and devices 


House and building automation

  • House and building automation 
  • Facility management 
  • Integrated façade technology 
  • Glazing 
  • Daylight technology 
  • Sun shade / protection technology 
  • Photovoltaic systems 
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation systems 
  • Material transfer systems

Lighting technology

  • Technical lighting and accessories
  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Electric lamps
  • Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems 

Industrial automation

Process automation

  • Automation and IT solutions
  • Field devices and components
  • Control systems
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Services

Factory automation
...in the electrical engineering field:

  • Control technology
  • Measuring technology
  • Regulator technology
  • Networks / industrial communication
  • Wireless automation
  • Embedded systems
  • Industrial PCs
  • Sensor systems
  • Industrial image processing
  • Testing equipment
  • Electric motors
  • 19“ module systems
  • Actuator systems
  • Magnets

...in mechanical engineering:

  • Assembly
  • Handling
  • Robotics
  • Systems and components for automated assembly

Industrial building automation

  • Integration of production and industrial building automation
  • Automation solutions for industrial production rooms and buildings
  • Clean rooms and analogous production environments
  • Clean work zones
  • Protected rooms in industrial production
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration 
  • Ventilation and air extraction technology 
  • Security technology