Stand design

Your perfect presentation - Exhibitors can register for three different options.

Option 1 - "Space only"

Raw exhibition space, not furnished. You build your own stand. 

The minimum stand size is 25 m².

Please send us a drawing of your exhibition stand,
so that we can give you the authorisation for your construction.

Option 2 - "Space incl. booth construction"
Exhibition space including booth construction, Octanorm standard

The minimum stand size is 12 m².

Option 2 includes the following standard features:
•    side and back walls, carpet
•    1 socket 220 V, 1 kW
•    1 spot 100 W per 3 sqm of stand space
•    1 table and 2 chairs
•    1 wastepaper basket
•    fascia with company name

In addition we offer a variety of furniture and extra items for your stand.
Option 3 - outdoor exhibition space, not furnished
Outdoor exhibition space, not furnished.
The minimum stand area is 25 m².

Booth size 12 m²

Booth size from 16 to 24 m²