The venue


Designed to maximise functionality and flexibility, KyivExpoPlaza is the largest and most sophisticated custom-designed exhibition center in Ukraine providing 28,000 sqm of gross indoor exhibition space in 3 exhibition halls with a ceiling height ranging between 8 and 10 metres, latest climate-control technology and a branched network supply system for electricity, water, sewage, telephone, data and internet. Conference halls featuring state-of-the-art conferencing facilities allow up to ten different events to be held simultaneously with 20 to 550 participants.

  • Total area of the complex: 81,400 m2
  • Number of exhibition halls: 3
  • Indoor gross exhibition space: 28,000 m2
  • Outdoor gross exhibition space: 8,650 sqm
  • Free parking lots: 1,560 parking spots
  • Restaurant: 220 seats

Each exhibition hall of the exhibition center is ideally equipped for exhibitors:

  • four independent entrances, each of which has its own loading gate
  • convenient facilities for unloading and assembly: - heat-saving, efficient 3.6 x 4.5 m loading gates and dustless floor with a load-bearing capacity of 20 tonnes/m2
  • connection possible at any location in the exhibition hall - branched engineering networks for electricity, water, sewage, phone lines, and Internet
  • comfortable air temperature - the latest in air conditioning technology that combines heating, ventilation, and air condition systems
  • convenient access from any part of the city
  • fully-equipped conference halls with a capacity of 50 to 550 persons
  • restaurant with 220 seats and a cafe in the exhibition hall

How to get there